Online Merchant Services

Online merchant services are the answer for any business looking for payment processing solutions for their e-commerce based business. A website can accept major credit card and debit card payments 365 days a year by utilizing this type of account. There are numerous providers who offer secure, real-time credit and debit card processing options using a […]

Merchant Services Scam

A Merchant services scam can happen to anyone. The last thing you would want to happen is for your merchant services provider to confiscate your funds without warning. The most common merchant services scam is attaching hidden fees. Usually providers will put terms in the contract that revoke your right to dispute these fees. Watch […]

Merchant Services Quotes

Merchant services quotes are for businesses that desire to accept credit card payments for their goods or services. If your business wish credit card acceptance, you will find yourself looking into a merchant services quote. This may sound daunting, but is a fairly simple and straight forward process.
Merchant services quote
In order to give you accurate […]

Merchant Services

Merchant services including credit card terminals, processing, and merchant accounts are an effective way to increase sales and receipts. Credit card acceptance has become a standard in the retail sales industry and merchants are often expected to have the ability to accept credit cards to stay competitive in their market. Merchants considering expanding their payment […]

Intuit Merchant Services

Intuit Merchant Services or Quickbook Merchant Services offers a tiered payment structure for credit card processing. They charge a set up fee of $59.95 with a $19.95 service charge. The cost for their service is $0.27 per transaction with a discount rate that ranges from 1.64 – 2.44%. There are several advantages to using Intuit Merchant Services for your payment […]

Merchant Card Services

Merchant Card Services enable a business to accept credit and debit payments through a variety of methods. Businesses may need a credit card terminal at their location where they can swipe customers cards, or their needs might entail a virtual terminal or shopping cart function on the company website. Merchant card services help your business […]