For Home Repair Services


Whatever your chosen trade, accepting credit and debit card payment for work completed is a sure fire way to build a level of immediate trust with your customers. Plus, with Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company, individual card processing rates could be as low as 0.25%. In today’s connected world, there’s no reason not to seek a solution from the largest player in the credit card processing industry, Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company.

Wireless Terminals

Your wireless terminal has all of the features of a traditional wired card processing terminal. Customers can pay with debit by inputting their numerical pin on the built-in pin pad, sign the touch-sensitive screen after swiping their credit card, and this all-in-one device even includes a receipt printer. Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company offers several wireless terminals that will fit you and your needs perfectly.


Mobile/Wireless Terminals

At first glance, one would be hard pressed to point out the difference between a wireless terminal and a mobile/wireless terminal. But it is what is on the inside that counts. Your mobile/wireless terminal, like a wireless terminal, is designed for accepting payments on-the-go. Unlike a wireless terminal, your mobile/wireless terminal can process and submit credit card transactions without having first to be physically connected to a server.

CardConnect Global Gateway

Many providers of home improvement services have already invested in the financial infrastructure of their company by purchasing financial management software. Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company offers a solution, called CardConnect Global Gateway, that can be seamlessly integrated into your current system without any setup fees or having to establish a merchant account.

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