Health & Wellness


Successful professionals in the health & wellness industry recognize the necessity of accepting multiple forms of payment from their clients. As more and more individuals move away from personal checks and cash payments, the ability to process credit and debit card transactions is a must for today’s consumer. Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company has the hardware and solution that will help keep your business healthy, and the card processing rates (as low as 0.25%) to save your business substantial sums of money.

Mobile/Wireless Terminals

A mobile/wireless terminal is perfect for the health & wellness professional on the go. From off site personal training to in-home massage, the ergonomically designed mobile/wireless terminals are selected for their portability and their dependability. A mobile/wireless terminal is able to process and transmit transactions without having first to be physically connected to a server source.


Wireless Terminals

Similar in design and styling to its mobile/wireless counterpart, a wireless terminal is fully functional and easily transportable. Included in both the wireless and mobile/wireless models are integrated pin pads, touch-sensitive signature screens, and receipt printers. Ignite Payments, a CardConnect company has a number of wireless terminal options that will suit your specific needs.

Clover® POS

The Clover® POS card processing and financial management system is great for small private gyms, specialty spas, and CrossFit boxes. With the Clover® POS, you can provide an easy-to-use and completely customizable system for you and your staff. The intuitive financial management of the Clover® POS allows you to focus more of your time on training and less time on balancing your books.

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