In the World Wide Web there are bad actors who are targeting your business and your customers. With big names like Target, T-Mobile, and Hilton Hotels being put into the cross hairs of hackers, it’s clear that hyper vigilance is required in the field of cyber security. Heck, even the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, and his Trump hotel brand were shown to be vulnerable, being responsible for one of the largest data breaches of 2015.

Well, we recently were made aware of another major data breach that came to light on the night before Christmas. Hyatt Hotels identified malware that had infected their credit card processing software and immediately took action to rectify the breach while also sending out an emergency call to their customers to check their credit card bills closely over the coming months. Any unauthorized or unexpected charges should be reported to the credit card provider immediately.

In addition to taking immediate steps to address the issue, Hyatt has also committed to leading a thorough investigation into how the malware came to infect their system and where it came from. For the time being, they are assuring customers that their information is safe with their system and they should feel confident in making payments for their hotel stays at any of their worldwide properties.

Whether you are a small business or a major hotel chain, cyber threats are out there. If you have lost confidence in your current credit card processing company or if you want to work with a company that is industry recognized in providing top-tier security for their client’s credit card processing needs, call or click today to talk with the experts at Ignite Payments, a Fiserv® company.