Credit Card Acceptance



Credit card acceptance is the perfect solution to expand your business profitability. Not only that, but it makes your business seem more trust worthy to customers. Unlike traditional check or money order methods of payment, credit card transactions are usually instantaneous. Nearly every transaction that takes place online is with credit cards. Your competitors are already accepting them. You will also find that customers tend to spend more when you offer options of using a credit or debit card. Credit acceptance will give you the edge you have searched for.

Point of Sale Terminals allow Credit Card Acceptance Payments

Accept credit cards is a very simple, affordable method of receiving payments. Fiserv® offers a variety of solutions to link your business into the market. It does not matter what type of business setup you have. We can help you succeed. For instance, you can set up a merchant account, and install point of sale terminals in your store to begin accepting Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® or Discover® cards. You will even be able to accept Diners Club® JCB or star credit cards.

Online Acceptance of Credit Cards is the future of Remote Sales

Fiserv® offers a system that will easily enable your website to accept credit transactions. Credit acceptance serviceis also very simple by phone, when you use a merchant account with Fiserv® and this service is provided only by top merchant account providers. In todays’ fast-paced changing world, it is important to have great security. Fiserv® stays involved with the latest tools, and technology to make sure your clients’ data is safe and encrypted. Fiserv® also works with various financial institutions, to help make transactions more effective by reducing fraud. We are an experienced leader in payment processing solutions.

Credit Card Acceptance enhances Business Terms

Credit card acceptance is a very successful corner-stone in modern society. If you want to create or expand a reward program for your frequent customers, Fiserv® offers a helping hand here too. We offer many analytic tools to help you better understand the needs of your customers, which in turn will help you to maximize your profits.Credit acceptance is a necessity, and Fiserv® will take you beyond the transaction. Call or visit our website today, and see why we are the leader in credit services.

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