Payment Gateway Services

There are two types of payment gateways available. One requires a merchant account, the other does not.Payment gateway comparison of these two types is differentiated by what services each provides.
Services With Merchant Account
Payment Gateway Services that require a merchant account will show your business name on the credit card statement of your customer. This will […]

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a necessary part of any e-commerce business because it connects between a business’s website and their merchant account. Without a gateway connection, web-based credit and debit card transactions would not be possible. Online payment gateways facilitate the use of both website shopping carts and virtual terminals. When a customer enters their card […]

Internet Payment Gateway

An internet payment gateway is the most important part of any online business. What an internet payment gatewayenables is a way for your site to process credit and debit card payments. One is a gateway which processes the credit card numbers and the second method is an internet payment gateway which collects the numbers and […]

Credit Card Payment Gateway

A credit card payment gateway encrypts information such as the card number, making transactions between the business, customer, and payment processor more secure. Added security benefits a business by creating a reputation for being a safe business to purchase goods or services from in this manner.
What do credit card payment gateways do?
A credit card payment […]