Paper or Plastic….or Virtual?

Over the last several years, the purchasing habits of consumers have been adapting to the multiple forms of payment that have come available. There was a time, (not so long ago), when we would ask our patrons if they wanted to pay with cash or charge. But the relationship with our money has evolved as more and newer options hit the market. Is your business ready to accommodate the multitudes of ways people choose to pay?

Credit and Debit Cards

Of course, using cash for purchases isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But over the last several years, the increase in the number of credit and debit cards in consumer’s wallets has been drastic. Too many people have shifted away from using cash for almost every sales transaction. This increase is evidenced in the number of traditionally cash-based businesses, (taxi companies, vending machines, etc.), that have had to install card reading devices to meet the rise in use of plastic over paper money.  […]

Payment Systems

Payment systems have been around since the beginning of trade. Many people enjoy the benefits of a cash payment system. This may work great in person but there are many situations where it simply will not work. When this is the case, business owners will look for alternative options. Some of these options include secure […]

Payment Services

Payment services are the modern solution for merchants looking to expand their payment options. The ability to receive credit and ach payments can be achieved for a business of any size through a payment services provider. Many electronic markets including auction sites and wholesale sites offer a third-party payment service to meet the payment processing […]

Payment Processing

Payment Processing is used to accept payments when selling products or services. The type of payment which is accepted mostly depends on the place and nature of the sale.
Types of Payment Processing
Online Payment Processing is usually carried out through third-parties known as payment processing agents. These agents handle the online credit card payment processing and […]

Payment Card Industry

The payment card industry is both versatile and competitive. With many companies sending out offers for their credit or debit cards customers have different options available to them. This leads merchants wondering how they can reach the most consumers while still providing secure payment options. As competitive as this market is, it is necessary to […]

Internet Payment

In recent years, Internet payments and online payment systems have become important and useful tools for retailers, merchants, and businesses both large and small. This has become true for a number of important reasons. First, Internet payments greatly ease the process of conducting business online by providing instant transfers and notifications, thus vastly improving on […]

Payment Gateway Services

There are two types of payment gateways available. One requires a merchant account, the other does not.Payment gateway comparison of these two types is differentiated by what services each provides.
Services With Merchant Account
Payment Gateway Services that require a merchant account will show your business name on the credit card statement of your customer. This will […]

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a necessary part of any e-commerce business because it connects between a business’s website and their merchant account. Without a gateway connection, web-based credit and debit card transactions would not be possible. Online payment gateways facilitate the use of both website shopping carts and virtual terminals. When a customer enters their card […]

Internet Payment Gateway

An internet payment gateway is the most important part of any online business. What an internet payment gatewayenables is a way for your site to process credit and debit card payments. One is a gateway which processes the credit card numbers and the second method is an internet payment gateway which collects the numbers and […]

Credit Card Payment Gateway

A credit card payment gateway encrypts information such as the card number, making transactions between the business, customer, and payment processor more secure. Added security benefits a business by creating a reputation for being a safe business to purchase goods or services from in this manner.
What do credit card payment gateways do?
A credit card payment […]