There are numerous merchant account providers for a business to choose from. The type of business that a company engages in plays a large part in what type of merchant account providers best suit its needs. The available options include:

Traditional banks: U.S. based banks used to be the sole source for merchant accounts. They generally offer account solutions for a limited range of enterprises in low and mid risk categories. When a business applies for a merchant account with a bank, they are rated to establish their risk category. Banks typically have a stricter and more in depth application process, and more stringent approval guidelines

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Independent sales organizations (ISO): These specialized companies offer only merchant accounts. Their function is similar to a bank’s, in that they act as an intermediary between a business and individual credit card companies. There are numerous such ISOs operating across the country. When ISOs came on the scene, industry rates and fees dropped due to the increased competition. Although their application process is similar, they tend to approve merchant accounts faster and with a slightly more flexible scope than traditional banks.

Offshore Merchant Account Providers: For businesses engaged in rare activities and are included in the high-risk category, offshore merchant accounts are the answer for them. These can be just as reliable and secure as domestic providers, but they offer services to businesses that would not qualify for a U.S. based merchant account. The only drawbacks with offshore merchant accounts are higher discount rates and fees.Small Business Merchant Account is best suited for home based business.

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When searching for the right merchant account, businesses must investigate the various options thoroughly like services by top merchant account providers. Deciding on the ideal type of provider is the first step. Research is then required to build a list of reliable, security minded providers. With that accomplished, a business should analyze and compare each provider’s account features, security and anti-fraud solutions, reporting and account access tools, and the total costs of all fees, discount rates and charges. If done properly, merchant account comparison will lead a business to the perfect payment provider solution for their needs.