This traditional way of transferring money between parties is time tested, secure, provides a robust paper trail and works uniformly under any conditions. Accepting checks guarantees that your business will function rain or shine, during a power outage, or even a snowstorm. Conducting this process online is by now common business practice however there are other options such as by phone and in person.

Further, it is a simple process to learn how to accept checks online. Simply enter the transaction into your records, and bring the check to the bank and deposit it into your account.  This method also provides convenience to your customers, who can just jot out a check under any circumstances.

Businesses have been known to fail because they do what seems logical from the lifestyle of the business owner, and not considering the needs or lifestyle of their customers. Often what happens is a steady decline in business when another business moves into the area that provides the services that the customer finds appealing and the original business fails. 

History of Checks

By accepting checks you guarantee that your business methods are compatible with such time-honored traditions as scrawling out checks, stamping checks with a rubber stamp, writing out the amount in Arabic numerals as well as in English. These traditions connect your business to a history of financial transactions dating back to such luminaries as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison.