I’d like to demonstrate how important it is to accept credit cards is on your website. As a potential customer, I may think the world of your business’s online presence, and even click a link to purchase a product or service. At that point, what will I see? Is it going to be a mailing address where I am expected to send a check or money order? Will it be the thinly veiled site of a third-party payment service? Or, will you provide me, your customer, with a customized, professional-looking payment form, just like the ones I’m used to seeing from the large businesses I typically deal with online?

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Today

Let me show you just how easy it is for your business to accept card payments. When considering how to accept credit cards, the first step is to establish a merchant account. You may have received junk mail solicitations from credit card processors when you started your business, and your bank may have provided you with promotional materials from their affiliated processor. While it is a good idea to compare the offers you have received thus far, I also believe you should consider Fiserv® IS for credit card processing solutions. Fiserv® can generally approve your merchant account application within two days. Upon approval, you will be granted access to the Fiserv®® Global Gateway. The Global Gateway enables you to accept credit cards from your customers on your website. Most of them will have question how to accept credit cards payments?

Accept Credit Card Payments Online Services

Do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed by all the technical documentation associated with the Fiserv®® Global Gateway. All the major card processors have something similar. There is an easy way to accept credit card payments. If you are not an expert at e-commerce programming, and you do not have the budget to hire a professional programmer, I recommend you consider using a shopping cart program. Many shopping carts are open source (i.e. free), and install on your web server. The key is that most of the carts already have code written to interface with the Fiserv®® Global Gateway. All you have to do is provide your merchant account details and, in no time, you will be able to accept cardpayments from your customers. What’s more, the carts are capable of receiving extended information back from the gateway. I’m talking about fraud detection data, and other transaction details which may be stored in the shopping cart’s database for auditing at a later date. Credit Card Acceptance payment is very important for today’s business.

Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards online is essential for any online retailer. I think that once you get your merchant payment solution running, and are able to accept cards online, the benefits will be immediately apparent. While it is not difficult to learn how to accept credit cards, it may take some time to set up. Yes, it may take a little time to get approved for a merchant account. Yes, setting up your website to work with the Fiserv®® Global Gateway, or any payment gateway, may take a little effort. Sure, even after installation it is important to periodically verify the security and continuing proper operation of your solution. In the end, however, the great payoff is an e-commerce website that is befitting a professional business operation like yours, and an online shopping experience that is satisfying to me, your customer. Accept Checkspayment is slowly growing, but accept payments using credit cards is best method.